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Integrated Medical Curriculum (IMC) - Overview

Media-rich content tutorials supporting basic science and clinical programs.

Integrated Medical Curriculum (IMC) is an authoritative, in-depth and interactive online medical education courseware suite with offerings in anatomy, physiology, immunology, histology, pathology, ethics, embryology and basic clinical skills. IMC's unsurpassed integration feature links related subject matter across a broad medical spectrum, providing students with detailed explanations and demonstrations to help them better understand difficult concepts.

Each IMC component provides compelling teaching and learning approaches on demand with contemporary tools, like inventive multimedia, dynamic animations, photos, problem-based case studies, quizzes with feedback, streaming audio and video.

Pricing and Licensing Information

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Integrated Medical Curriculum (IMC) - Features/Components

The IMC components are:

Basic CLinical Skills
Practice patient interviews and basics of the physical exam and diagnosis.

Clinical Human Embryology
Explore human systems development from conception to birth.

Clinical Musculoskeletal Pathology
Study the definitive work in bone and muscle diseases.

Cross-Sectional Anatomy
Explore labeled cross-sections from the Visible Human Male and probe each cross-section for over 1,400 identified anatomical structures.

The Doctor's Dilemma
You, in the role of a family physician, are called upon to make decisions in cases involving controversial topics.

Essentials of Human Physiology
A complete survey of basic principles of human physiology and functional anatomy in text, color illustrations, animation, video and sound.

Essentials of Immunology
Color animations show host defenses operate in protective, and sometimes, destructive ways.

Problems in Clinical Ethics New
As a member of the medical team, you review details of specific cases and hear conversations between patients, family members and hospital staff involved in the situation. You will attend hospital ethics committee meetings and be asked to give your opinion and support it.

Surf through the study of morphological hematology using over 3,000 photos of blood and bone marrow films

Human Anatomy
Sequential photography and use of lab tools to identify structures make it seem like you are witnessing a dissection in gross lab.

Microscopic Anatomy
Thousands of digitized histologic slides and electron micrographs as well as multiple choice test questions.

Radiologic Anatomy
The fundamentals of normal anatomy as seen on plain film, CT, MRI, angiography. Hundreds of abnormal films and gross anatomical images supplement normal radiographs.


Integrated Medical Curriculum (IMC) - Testimonials

"The IMC site is what I dreamed of when I was in med school. How bitterly I remember the inefficient process of attending lectures, furiously taking notes, and later studying the notes. Even worse was reading an anatomy text. The illustrations never corresponded to the text, so I had to imagine the connection in my mind. I kept saying, 'Why doesn't someone put this on the computer?' I believe your work is worthy of a Nobel Prize, because you are helping to produce better doctors who will improve the lives of many patients."

L. Zahner, MD, Lawrenceville, GA

"Since I found your IMC site, I haven't left it. This is what the Internet is all about...excellent, high quality, multimedia, interactive information on any and all medical subjects!"

M. Curry, EMT-Paramedic, Portland, OR

"IMC is the most wonderful, interesting, and brain stimulating site I have seen!"

Dr. Vijayendra, New Orleans, LA

"Where has this site been all my life!? I'm a chiropractic student, and Gross Dissection is our third and fourth quarter nightmare. When there's 20 people in our dissection lab, I spend more time looking at the back of my classmate's head, rather than at a tiny artery in the pelvis. I was one of three people (out of 150) to get an 'A' in Dissection I, and I just got a 95 on my Dissection II midterm. Everyone is asking me how I get prepared...I'm telling them to head to IMC. (I only wish I'd had this site when I was taking histology). Anyway, thanks for saving me before finals...I truly enjoy the product!"

D. Brown, Life University, Marietta, GA

"I am a first year medical student at the University of Missouri and have found your website to be the most useful in many areas. IMC has provided the material and presented it in a way that I understood--not only thoroughly, but also very quickly. I have encouraged my classmates to use your site."

G. Mundis, Columbia, MO

"I am an assistant teacher of physiology for nursing, nutrition, physical education and physiotherapy; and a teacher of exercise physiology. For me, the Integrated Medical Curriculum has been a great tool for teaching. My students and I have used each tool of the IMC often."

L. Andrews Portes, Sao Paolo, Brazil, Brazilian Adventist University

"The IMC is a very interesting site. Even though my son is only 8 years old, he is very interested in what he can learn. As homeschoolers we are always looking for interesting extras and I feel this site is a goldmine. Thank you for making this site that we can enjoy it."

C. Wagner, Acworth, GA

"IMC is the greatest thing ever! Thank you so much for your time and effort to develop this site. My study time in gross lab has been cut in half, and I'm doing just great on practical exams. Keep up the good work!"

L. Gwin, Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, Glendale, AZ

"I have been out of school for over five years and my basic science skills were very weak. Thanks to the curriculum IMC has to offer, I feel confident enough to reenter medical school and do very well in all my classes. I am a chiropractor and I would highly recommend IMC to all...allied health students. Thank you, IMC."

R. Iskander, DC, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"On behalf of our nurse practitioner students, I want to thank you for the IMC website...Now our students no longer have to work in groups or wait in line for hours to use our institutional version on CD-ROM. They have offered up blessings to me, but I send them on to you. Thank you!"

S. Wicklander, ICNE/WSU College of Nursing, Spokane, WA

"IMC is the coolest site on the Internet. I spent a lot of money on textbooks and CD-ROMS for school, but none have been as helpful as this site. I tell everyone about it. Keep up the good work!"

L. Rivers, Benedictine University, Lisle, IL

"Too bad technology wasn't this advanced when I was in medicine. Your IMC site is a fantastic learning tool and reference guide. I highly recommend it for all students in the medical field, and for those working in the medical field."

M. Greene, Valhalla, NY

"I am a medical student, and I love your IMC site. I just wanted to show some support and tell you that I think the IMC is a great study tool...I recommend it to everyone. Keep up the good work."

Jeremy Swymn, Little Rock, AR

"IMC is the most extraordinary website I have ever seen. I am so excited to be able to access this wealth of information. I am a masters student in the Family Nurse Practitioner program at Washington State University, and will be posting your website for everyone here. Thanks so much!"

M.L. Bradbury, BSRN, Spokane, WA

"This is a great site, and a wonderful service offered to the medical and educational communities. Thanks!"

T. Bevins, MS, PT, Assistant Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University

"I just registered at your site. I just wanted to thank you for this wealth of information that you are providing...I am immensely grateful for it. So, for what it's worth, thank you again and again!"

J. Marcelino, California State University, Fullerton

"Thank you for the Integrated Medical Curriculum! I am a student at Truman State and I just had my first lab practical. Your website was a huge help!"

J. Waguespack, Truman State, Kirksville, MO