Advice to Writers

A well-written response clearly communicates your message or ideas to a reader.

Be sure your essay clearly relates to the question you have chosen to write on. Also, in presenting and developing your response, please be sure to address the specific task instructions.

Use appropriate, specific details to support your thesis or to develop your ideas. These may include:

  • facts, dates, or names
  • specific examples or personal experience
  • explanations or descriptions

Think about the best way to organize your response:

  • A reader should be able to follow your ideas, explanations, and arguments without becoming confused.
  • Think about the order in which you present your information.
  • Think about the best way to indicate connections among your ideas.

Use the English language appropriately by making sure you have:

  • used words that express the ideas you want to communicate
  • used the correct forms of words
  • used correct sentence structure
  • used sentence structure that expresses the ideas you want to communicate

Be sure to review your response for errors in:

  • word forms and grammar
  • punctuation
  • capitalization
  • spelling

See your instructor or writing tutor for additional advice about developing your essay.